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Masonic Goat Matchstick-Lighter

Assorted Fraternal Cigar Boxes

Buffalo Bill Meerschaum Pipe

Robert Burns Meerschaum Pipe

Vaux Lodge No. 384 F. & A.M. Tobacco Jar

St. Paul's Lodge No. 481 Tobacco Jar

Progress Lodge No. 609 Tobacco Jar

1912 Vaux Lodge No. 393 F. & A.M. Tobacco Jar

1915 Shrine of North America Tobacco Humidor

Assorted Masonic Tobacco Humidors

Boumi Shrine Temple Burl Inlaid Smoking Pipe

Zippo Masonic Lighters

Masonic Matchbox made to look like a Bible

Silver & Amber Masonic Cigar Holder

Sterling Silver Victorian Masonic Cigar Case

Meerschaum Carved Masonic Cigar Holder

Beautifully Engraved Masonic Cigar Cutter

Early Shrine Frankart Cigar Lighter

Scottish Rite Tortoise Shell Snuff Box

Goat Tobacco Humidor circa 1915

Art Nouveau Tobacco Jar

Early Masonic Goats Horn Snuff Mull

1870 Clay Masonic Pipe Bowl

1850 Hand-painted Ceramic Masonic Pipe Bowl

1914 Shrine Tobacco Humidor - Atlanta

1915 Bronze Shrine Cigar Cutter and Lighter

1916 Southwick Night Ashtray

Early Masonic Tobacco Humidor

Early Masonic Cigar Box Label

1904 Masonic Temple Cigar Box Label

Clarence Darrow Cigar Box Label

Native American Masonic Ashtray

Lefton Triangular Masonic Ashtray

Early Masonic/Odd Fellow Walnut Match Holder

Unusual Metal Double Match Holder

Floral Masonic Tobacco/Biscuit Jar

Early Masonic Tobacco Silk Premiums

Wonderful Cobalt Blue Porcelain Masonic Pipe

Antique Gold Masonic Cigar Cutter Rare

Sterling Silver Scarab Cigarette Case

Civil War Era Masonic - Military Folk Art Pipe

Early Collection of Master Mason Tobacco Tins

Masonic Metal Matchbook Cover





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