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Dudley Pocket Watch of Lancaster, Pa. (Series 1)

Dudley Pocket Watch of Lancaster, Pa. (Series 3)

Waltham Past High Priest Pocket Watch

Swiss Triangular Pocket Watch

Swiss Triangular Wrist Watch

Swiss Triangular Pendant Watch

Wor. Brother Paul McEvoy displays his first Dudley (Series One) Masonic Pocket Watch

Timepiece Collection of Worshipful Brother Paul McEvoy

John Bellamy Carved Masonic Clock c.1880

John Bellamy Carved Masonic Clock c.1875

John Bellamy Carved Clock and Picture/Mirror Frame

Patek Philippe & Co. Masonic Wristwatch

Handmade Ivory Pocket Watch Hutch

Gilded Masonic Mantle Clock

Grandfather Clock by Silas Hoadley of Plymouth circa 1810

E. Howard Past Masters Pocket Watch

Waltham Masonic Pocket Watch Octagon Shaped

Elgin Masonic Pocket Watch

1887 York Rite Pocket Watch w Ball FOB

Waltham Masonic Railroad Watch

Hamilton Lodge No. 274 50th Anniversary Mantel Clock

1904 Oriental Lodge No. 385 F. & A. M. Clock

Spectacular Minerva Masonic Pocket Watch

Amazing Seth Thomas "Rising Phoenix" Carved Clock

Hand-crafted Miniature Masonic Grandfather Clock

Early West German Masonic Alarm Clock

Sessions Bedside Alarm Clock

Silver and Gold Masonic French Verge - Circa 1780

Silver Double-Jacketed Masonic Winding Pocket Watch - Circa 1790

Beautiful Bronze and Enameled Masonic Clock - Circa 1930

Masonic Triangular Watch-Lighter Combination

Masonic Triangular Clock in the Limoges Style

Square and Compasses Mantle Clock

Unusual Waltham Masonic Pocket Watch





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