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There are pleasures in the act of accumulation: the thrill of the hunt, the joy of the find.  But true collecting is more.  It's listening for the hum of history in things, finding connections among art and objects of different times and cultures, and gathering images so that, as in poetry, they reveal new meaning.

Masonic   -  Blue Lodge

(History of Blue Lodge Masonry)

Masonic Aprons    Bibles, Books & Monitors    Bookends

Cabinet Cards & Photographs     Chocolate Pots

Coins & Medallions    Decanters     DeMoulin Bros. Artifacts  

Door Hardware    Firing Glasses     Flasks     First Day Covers (FDC's) 

Masonic Folk Art    Fluted Pitchers     Masonic Furniture

Gutta Percha Artifacts     Jewelry     Liverpool Pitchers

Magic Lantern or Stereopticon Glass Slides

Match Safes     Metalware (silver & brass)   Miscellaneous

Monuments - Museums - Statues     Paperweights     Picture Frames

Plates, Cups & China   Knives     Post Cards

Prints, Posters, Tracing Boards, & Membership Certificates

Shaving Mugs & Razors     Snuff Boxes     Spoons

Steins & Mugs    Stoneware    Sunderland Lustre Pitchers

Three Handled Loving Cups    Masonic Trench Art    Tobacciana

What Not Shelves   Masonic Walking Sticks   Watches & Timepieces

Working Tools

Masonic Youth Groups & Other Bodies

Amaranth     Demolay     Job's Daughters     Eastern Star   M.O.V.P.E.R. (Grotto)  

  Women in Freemasonry   Tall Cedars of Lebanon      Rainbow Girls    AEO of Sciots

White Shrine of Jerusalem    Order of Quetzalcoatl   Royal Order of Jesters   Masonic Square Clubs

York Rite Bodies 

Chapter -  Council  -  Commandery

(History of the York Rite Degrees)

 Chapter & Council Aprons    Cabinet Cards & Photos

Coins, Medallions, Chapter Pennies and Tokens

Etched Glass Vases, Communion & Triennial Glasses

Jewelry (FOBs & Jewels)    Miscellaneous     Pitchers & Mugs

Spoons   Swords & Regalia     Three Handled Loving Cups

Triennial Portrait Plates (Crusader Series & Lady Portraits) 

Scottish Rite - Consistory

(History of the Scottish Rite)

Coins & Medallions     Etched Glasses     Jewelry

Miscellaneous     Portrait  Plates     Portrait Vases   Spoons

The Shrine of North America 

(History of the AAONMS)

Bronze Camel Desk Set     Coins & Medallions     Early Photos   Jewelry

Metalware (Swords, Paperweight, Flask & Letter Openers) 

Shrine of North America Ephemera

Miscellaneous    Portrait Plates   Pottery & Ceramics (Mugs & Jugs)  Spoons

     Shrine Convention Collectibles    Syria Temple Collection - Westmoreland and US Glass Co.

What's NEW!

Phoenixmasonry Live - "Celebrating Freemasonry" - Interviews with Masonic Authors, Artists, Craftsman and other Interesting Freemasons

"What It Means to Be A Mason" Video Series

Phoenixmasonry's YouTube Channel - A Collection of Masonic Videos

Museum Gift Shop and Bookstore

Fraternalism in America - The Many Non-Masonic Orders

WEOFM Masonic Video Series

"How To" Section

How to Translate Latin Masonic Mottoes

How to Contact a Grand Lodge Anywhere in the World

How to Conduct a Cornerstone Laying Ceremony

How to Conduct an Open Installation of Officers

How to Perform a Bible Presentation to a Newly Raised Brother

How to Conduct a Table Lodge - "History and Instructions"

How to Memorize Masonic Ritual

How to Memorize Eastern Star Ritual

How to Research a U. S. Patent

How to Care for Your Masonic Treasures

How to Conduct a Lodge of Military Tribute

How to Conduct a Masonic Funeral

How to Conduct a Masonic Wedding

Additional Masonic Education Resources

A list of English Masonic Periodicals held by The Library and Museum of Freemasonry

Sacred Text Archive  -

Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon -

Missouri Lodge of Research -

Edward J. Wildblood Jr. Vermont Lodge of Research -

Count Cagliostros Masonic E-Library -

My Personal Views on Pike's Morals and Dogma

The Visual Glossary of Religious Symbols

The Works of Walter Leslie Wilmshurst

The Manly P. Hall Archive

Time Maps of Ancient Civilizations

Freemasonry Squared

Popular Masonic Blogs

Freemason Information -

Gnosismasonry -

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Pike Quotes -

Laws of Silence -

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