Masonic Blue Lodge Plates & China

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1911 Rising Star Lodge No. 126 Dresser Box

Portrait Plate of Brother George Washington

Ancient LandMark Lodge No. 17 Royal Doulton Pitcher

Armorial Masonic Partial Tea and Coffee Service, c. 1760

Amphora Containers Embellished with Masonic Symbolism

1820's "Keep Within the Compass" Porcelain Plate

1825 Staffordshire Flow Blue State Plate w/Washington

A Beautiful Presentation Feather Pitcher

1912 Meridian Sun Lodge No. 158 F. & A.M. Lady Powder Jars

35th Anniversary Portrait Plate of Robert Burns Lodge

Mozart Lodge No. 436 F. & A.M.  - 47th Anniversary Plate

1904 Mount Moriah Lodge No. 155 Presentation Plate

75th Anniversary Vase of Northern Lodge No. 25

60th Anniversary Pitcher & Mug of Northern Lodge No. 25

50th Anniversary Northern Lodge No. 25 Flow Blue Plate

1899 Royal Copenhagen Flow Blue "Working Tools" Plate

1820's Flow Blue Plate - Lafayette at Washington's Grave

Early Flow Blue Plate from the Kansas Masonic Home

Early Delft Masonic Plate with Working Tools

George Washington Masonic National Memorial Plate

1903 Melita Lodge No. 295 Independence Hall Plate

Western Star Lodge No. 21 - 100th Anniversary Plate

Western Star Lodge No. 21 - 100th Anniversary Pitcher

Early Hand-made German Stoneware Plate

Early English and French Working Tools Dishes

1800's Limoges Masonic Porcelain Box

E. Coppee Mitchell No. 605 F. & A.M. 10th Annv. Plate

E. Coppee Mitchell No. 605 F. & A.M. Bulldog Portrait Plate

1905 Masonic Relief Association Plate

1906 Reading Lodge No. 549 Wine Goblet

Vaux Lodge No. 393 F. & A.M. 37th Annv. Plate

Teutonia Lodge No. 617 - 100th Anniversary Candy Dish

1908 Henry Price Lodge - 50th Anniversary Plate

1910 Ivanhoe Lodge No. 449 - 40th Anniversary Plate

1911 Stichter Lodge No. 254 - 60th Anniversary Plate

1911 Concordia Lodge No. 67 Demitasse Cup & Saucer

1911 Damascus Shrine No. 1 White Shrine of Jerusalem Plate

1913 Melita Lodge No. 295 Commemorative Plate

Cincinnati Lodge No. 3 - 150th Anniversary Plate

Lefton China Pencil/Pen Holder w/ The Lord's Prayer

1957 Dedication Plate of Pawcatuck Lodge No. 90 A.F.&A.M.

1958 George Washington Lodge No. 585 Dedication Plate

Early Chicago Masonic Temple Souvenir Glass Items

Royal Doulton Masonic Presentation Vase

Early Omaha Masonic Temple Sugar Bowl

Centennial Lodge No. 763 Depression Glass Platter

1913 Hand Blown Perfume Bottle w/ Silver Overlay

Hand Carved Masonic Coconut Cup

Ladies Powder Jar from Lodge No. 9 - Philadelphia

Phoenix Lodge No. 75 - 200th Anniversary Plate

Kansas Masonic Home Dresden Vase

Masonic Temple Ironstone Creamer

Early Masonic Glass Marble Collection

1903 Phoenix Lodge No. 130 F. & A.M. Plate

Early Flow Blue Staffordshire Plate from Kingston, Jamacia

Chester Lodge No. 236 Commemorative Plate

Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania - Building Portrait Plate

Pairpoint Cup Plate from the Geo. Washington National Memorial

Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 155 F. & A.M. Commemorative Plate

Progress Lodge No. 609 F. & A.M. Commemorative Plate

Early Fraternal Chamber Pot

Union Lodge No. 121 Export Porcelain Punch Bowl

Early Chinese Export Cider Pitcher

Early Chinese Export Masonic Mug circa 1800

1985 - 1st Edition Phoenix Frankoma Plate

 1750 Meissen Porcelain, "Carpenter" by Johann Joachim Kandler

Antique Masonic Majolica Ceramic Plate from the Holy Land

Centre Lodge No. 108 A.F. & A.M. 100th Anniversary Plate

Grand Lodge of New Zealand Centenary Plate  (1890-1990)

Moorcroft Pansy Tudric Presentation Compote dated 1928

Beautifully Hand Decorated English Masonic Bowl

Chester Lodge No. 236 F. & A.M. 135th Anniversary Plate

Early German Masonic Creamer Pitcher

Sebastion Miniature of General George Washington

Meridian Sun Lodge No. 158 Powder Case

1915 Tall Cedars of Lebanon Plate

Hermann Lodge No. 125 Juice Glass - Circa 1900





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